As agreed
As agreed
Application period
6 x 2 hours or as agreed
Mode of teaching
As agreed
In the premises of LAB University of Applied Sciences or defined by the customer
Teaching language
Education type
6 x 2 hours or as agreed
Learning methods
Conversational based training with some knowledge based components.
Target group
Professionals from diverse organisations/businesses who have a strong English communication need.
According to the offer

Professional English: Confidence in Speaking

We'd like to support you with your professional English, and have created a short course aimed at building your professional communication and confidence in English. Taught through discussions, you will have lots of opportunities to speak in a safe environment and also refresh your ability to discuss your profession and its responsibilities and develop your ability to network in English as you connect with other professionals.

Learning outcomes

  • The course is all about helping you speak, building your fluency and removing that awkwardness that happens when speaking a foreign language.


The training will provide an opportunity to build confidence in spoken English through:

  • Group discussion on various topics
  • Small informal presentations about your own profession and organisation
  • Training, coaching and discussion on building fluency

The training is mostly conversational based but also has some knowledge based components relating to culture and communication.

Further information

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